Bosei: Nensho (tryanny: the burning)

Watching her…watching me. I silently slip into relentless agony
As I continue to drift into chasms of desire, lust and sodomy
Just like the famed model, she flaunts the fullness of her hair
With long arduous blond waves, one cannot help but stare

I am the loner, the yearner, the castaway in empty space
The scapegoat, the victim the entity they so love to hate
Standing stoically under long frozen braids of a hollow tree
While sadistic fingers point at the object of abstract tyranny

Between pencils of purple haze are pupils tinted in shades of blue
Casting solemn spells onto me, again, I succumb to their brew
With garments nested tight on her thighs she walks assured
I count each step that she makes with her shiny black winter furs

Though the air is chilled, there is warmth seeping from her lips
Despite their rapid pace it is the moisture that I long to taste
Coverings of fleecy pink cannot cloak her supple little breasts
My daydreams are overthrown by thoughts of their undress

And for all the love I express, it is in him which she resides
The smooth tongued Jekyll cleverly masking his Hyde
Heir to the throne, the offspring of fame, fortune and pride
An instrument of his own ego, it is he who I wish would die

In his leather bound arms she thrusts herself onto his chest
Pressing her creamed flesh onto his steroid induced breasts
Always fed by the tower of lies vomited from his serpents mouth
Why can she not free herself from this devil’s masked bouts?

The inner purity of this single rose…how I wish she would see
Within me lies a burning madness that beckons for release
For each day spent in this exile, I continually lose the game
To be reminded of how deep my broken heart bellows in pain

“Not like the others,” the regurgitators of Christ preached to me
Due to the gift of sudden light and combustible wraps of apathy
A swell of anger and rage discourses from my tightly knit cage
Ravaging through frigid airs bringing light to a darkened stage

Horrific screams overshadow halls once filled with gossip and glee
Shocked are their faces as oil rich hair burns in perfect harmony
As his burnt tattooed flesh melts onto clear reflective marble floors
He convulses in sweet ecstasy as his body turns to ash and gore

A tender arm carefully slides around her shoulders, so afraid, so tense
Whispering affections, shaping the unexplained into mortal sense
And as the dark lines of tears drip along her rosey-red dimpled cheeks
With her, I walk alone, as the lord of tyranny has finally lost his seat

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