Fuyu no nayami no tane (winters bane)

Beyond my brow, lies the endless sea of winter white
Writhing winds enmesh me as they deny evening’s light
The soles of my feet step wearily into icy pits of snow
The pain in their gaping wounds no one will ever know

Behind me, the haunting hounds of Nordic night reside
By strength of will, my fading spirit continually strives
Their constant howls agitate the bitter chill in my bones
How I do so long for the wooden warmth of my home

The hellish huffs of their breath gradually become clearer
As the strong scent of blood, draws them ever so nearer
Such cunning hunters, tormenting me whilst I flee in fright
The crimson glow in their eyes gleams in absolute delight

Employing a sense of urgency, as this body turns blue
Hopeless are my efforts as I tempt the inevitable doom
An adagio of chattering teeth; the answer to my sins
In agony I scream, as they pierce the surface of my skin

For mercy I beg, but my feint bellows course in vain
These heartless beasts, know they not of my pain?
This colorless canvas, now stained with chunks of flesh
Will He hear the prayers from this man’s dying breath?

They rip, and gnaw as they approach my beating heart
I have nothing left to give, please take my soul apart
In absolute horror I gaze, as they plunge into my gut
Tearing at the liver, as they revel at such a patulous cut

Onto the sparkling floor, I vomit forth fountains of blood
A putrid scene hidden by towering layers of winter scud
Crystalline clustered falls cover the furs of black and gray
Even in death, there is irony shining brightly with disdain

With jagged edged claws, they gash deep into my chest
Forced lacerations release the meat beneath my breast
The bitter cold pierces the blackened fingers on my hands
A ragged doll resides where once stood an assiduous man

Ravenous totems of terror, their fangs viciously dive deep
Severing the arteries, in aghast, I slowly succumb to sleep
Under the pale moonlight I am prey to this fiendish game
Alone do I lie; another casualty buried under winter’s bane

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