Hinikuna (ironic)

There is no moment more ghastly than that of this dreadful night
Bleeding between the frozen arches of my arms as I held her tight
Tailored in garments steadily sown in fleecy layers of sparkling white
Eclipsed in streaks of crimson, the stains which we’ve learnt to spite

On the eve of a grandiose event, entangled with snobby ladies & gents
The sudden shock shields my eyes from the blends of their lavish scents
Their tiny murmurs amplify as their inquisitive numbers continually grow
It feels as though my shoulders are forced under a sullen storm of snow

Gazing into the sinking shades of her once bright blooming brown eyes
Her silky soft hands barely clench the blackened materials of my guise
Weakened as she is, her wet lips tempt me for the most painful kiss
My sunken brows lean to her as I treat this embrace as her dying wish

There is no moment more majestic than that of that enchanted night
Strangers walking towards the altar of a fountain sprouting delights
Cold was the stone spotted path under the trails of our frantic soles
Her black blond streaked curls flaying freely into an enslaved world

My sorrow was abandoned; from my eyes you wiped away the tears
In my self-made serene space of desolation you cast aside all my fears
A being I once thought to not exist; an uncanny hope entangled in bliss
With decisions so divine, she sealed me between her interlocking wrists

Our infectious coalition was sturdily built on principals, pride & passion
The playful words you expressed extended the beauty of our obsession
With velvet promises we devoted ourselves to a unbreakable resolve
Together we praised purple sunsets within the mists of warm waterfalls

There is no moment more ironic than that of this absolutely horrific sight
To know that of which we slowly began; a life…so meticulously planned,
Abruptly torn from us like the sporadic whispers of a lonely desert’s sands
All that remains, is her cold corpse laying beside the statue of a broken man

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