Kokoro no me (minds eye)

In the midst of the twilight symphony that surrounds,
There is a feint familiarity among several simple sounds.
As gentle steps sweep the surface of ruptured ground,
A feeling once lost, has now been unexpectedly found
As hypnotic rhythms echo from a closing heartbeat,
The aging pine ripples as she discreetly takes her seat

The scent of sand, salt and sea fills the autumn breeze
While we silently sit under a cool shade of falling leaves
There is a sweet blend of passion fruit nestling in her hair
She whispers arduous tones, as her body draws near
Her strawberry smell beckons the blush on my cheeks
As my trembles tickle the tiny hairs along my cold feet

Her tiny fingers slowly caress the wrinkles of my face
As my fear succumbs to the collapsing of empty space
She invites me to touch the smoothness of her skin
Such innocence is beheld as I lose all sense of sin
The wetness of her lips sends shivers up my spine
I’m caught in her embrace, as her fancy floods my mind

Within this silence. I taste the sweet nectar of her kiss
A taste for so long denied to me; a taste I cannot resist
The whistling winds proceed with unsolicited rasp
Her grip tightens; for how long shall this love lust last
The winds grow colder as the curtains of the day lower
Dew drops tap our foreheads as the rains begin to shower

Under a wooden structure, she seals me in velvet covers
Wiping away the clouds’ tears, we cuddle like virgin lovers
Her speech is serenity, with a scent of seductive surety
Never have I felt so comforted, a dream of absolute purity
My senses are kind, I can see her beauty with my mind
In my heart, I believe, it was no curse that I was born blind

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