Sakura no mizumi (cherry blossom lake)

Under the casual guise of its cherry blossomed reach
She entangles herself within woolen weaved sheets
In a confused daze, pacing herself to a gentle beat
Trailing them as they’re swept off by a bristling breeze

The night is yet young; the crickets sing their songs
She wantonly wets her lips, with a tinsel budded tongue
While whistling winds turn falling blossoms into her crown
Her slender bod lay still as she nestles onto the ground

Innocent and just, her memories are filled with mistrust
Hiding from those who turned her dreams to diamond dust
In her cold naked palms she wraps a trinket made of blue
Sparkling under pale moonlight, cooled by the evening dew

A tiny treasure passed down to her by the mother of fore
A keepsake holding her mystique behind a heart-shaped door
A seal promised to open upon the moment of pure bliss
Saddened is she, as a veil of tears splatters onto her wrists

Her pain, like a pink pastel painting swept under murky oak
A feint drizzle sizzles, may her sullen brow be not soaked
Her sudden sobs are blinded by the curtains of her palms
Quiet surrounds her as the sounds of the night have gone

The trickling drops seep between the streams of her hair
She sighs at the stars as the wetness slides along her ears
Such an infernal anguish, this state she can no longer take
Evicting the device, while residing in her cherry blossomed lake

A sudden breach in the silence sports an ambience of sorts
Startled is she, hastily collecting herself from a depressive fort
Lifted from her damp abode by the strength of invisible wings
She follows the intricate expressions plucked by nylon strings

At the foot of this cherry blossomed hill, resting atop a stoned still
A lonely figure performs a piece filled with twists, turns and thrills
Fingers call a crescendo of melodies followed by harmonic refrains
With every passing note, she feels her emotions melt with the rain

Slowly she began to descend along the damp meandering path
Hoping not to disturb his play, and be a victim of his wrath
Unknowst to her, his careful eyes caught her woolen disguise
But he continued to express his will under the illuminating skies

All came to a stop as she was grazed by a shimmer in the dark
Beside her muddy foot, an unforeseen miracle sent her soul amok
What was once forced has now revealed its one amiable course
For alas, the unlocking of her heart has finally revealed its source

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