Shotai (true colours)

..And this is the hallow place in which his pain resides
Therein lies a garden blanketed in contour and contrast
Whispering winds animating prickled similes of green
Smeared in rainbow voices collected into invisible streams

Drunken with sadness; lingering in this dark desolate place
Watching broken leaves trickle along the stubs on his face
A circle of laughter breaches the cryptic silence of this night
Encasing him in shadows as he crawls into an epicenter of delight

Along the strait of his vision, lies an appearance of blue
Fluorescently confusing, a plagued sense he always knew
Shadows of the midnight moon glaze on protruding thorns
Embracing the surface of ceramic; a surface once forlorn

This creature, upon which he stares, lies on cracked columns of gray
Standing gallantly above a crowd of adaption and passion play
Drowned are his unbelieving eyes, into a state of catatonia he fears
To behold such a fairy tale, the likes of which none other will hear

The tenderness of his fingers stroke petals so silkily smooth
Assuring himself that such beauty can never truly be removed
And in his astonishment, wee sparkles dripped from his cheek
In the awe of bewilderment, the blue melts away onto his feet

Betrayed by the heavens, a feeling forever condemning his soul
Within the belly of the beast, a cutting pain drives him into a fold
He screams in absolute agony; a sound piercing the ears of the dead
Thrust to the earth placing wet rugged palms to his burning head

Like the untimely miracle of birth, his burning is kissed by a cool pale light
From within his newfound sorrow he is flourished by an undeniable sight
What once was, now forever gone, has been swept away by a brighter dawn
The dreariness of ravishing rain reveals feathers of doves engaged in their song

The uncanny mysteries nurtured in blue now shining with purity and truth
His heart pierced by the cruelties of man is now mended with brazen proof
In this apparition of the rose, a mountain of humility rises along his hips
The laughter once heard now echoes a reverence tasted only by his lips

Onto the ocean horizon, he looks as his forgotten strength returns to his fame
Wondering if this blessing of alluring emotions will eternally remain…

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