Josho (the ascension)

Mere minutes follow that of this midnight hour As the devil stands under an old leafless tower A little girl no more than the wee age of ten Like still life, she haunts the dreams of men An erect solider with skin as pale as the dead Hair as black as night, resting neatly on […]

Shotai (true colours)

..And this is the hallow place in which his pain resides Therein lies a garden blanketed in contour and contrast Whispering winds animating prickled similes of green Smeared in rainbow voices collected into invisible streams Drunken with sadness; lingering in this dark desolate place Watching broken leaves trickle along the stubs on his face A […]

Tsundora (Tundra)

How miserably she lays across precarious lakes of winter snow Lashing layers of fluff from her furry pale coat into its crystal glow Her cold twitching tail dancing with the winds of evening skies Exposing her wide dripping grin under piercing watershed eyes Alone is she, strolling in a waltzing forest of hushed naked trees […]